Westgate Casino denies VSIN podcast host $30,000 in bet winnings

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip has denied a podcast host $30,000 in winnings from a bet placed on the recent French Open tennis tournament.

Gill Alexander, host of ‘A Numbers Game’ on sports betting media network Vegas Stats and Information Network (VSIN), has described the situation in the latest episode of his podcast.

Alexander explained how he placed several bets on Iga Swiatek to win the women’s French Open at a number of sportsbooks. Although he received winnings from each of the other operators, Alexander was denied the winnings from his $1,000 bet with Westgate casino.

At odds of 30/1, the winning bet was due to pay out $30,000, however, Westgate refused to pay Alexander based on one of its terms.

Alexander quoted the term in the podcast, which said: “Football and all other events must be held within eight days of scheduled date and or location... if any of the above circumstances exist, the wager will be voided and refunded.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the French Open was delayed four months from its original start date. 

The podcast host criticised the lack of clarity surrounding the term which ultimately denied him his pay-out. He also argued that Westgate had contradicted its own rule in paying out winnings on the NBA, which ended late due to COVID, and MLB, which began months after its scheduled start date.


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