Video exclusive: Mike Ciavarella on his journey as Newgioco CEO

Newgioco chairman and CEO Mike Ciavarella joins Gambling Insider for the latest episode of the GI Huddle, talking through his career in gaming and Newgioco's journey to date.

Having enjoyed success in Italy and having expanded into the US, Ciavarella discusses Newgioco's omni-channel services, as well as focusing on the company's sports betting platform Elys.

On top of the technical details, however, the CEO also talks about his past as a hockey coach and in the finance sector.

Ciavarella will feature on the cover of Gambling Insider's upcoming Sports Betting Focus magazine, so be sure to read the full interview when it is published.

Below, hit play to see the video version, as the Newgioco CEO discusses his career so far, and future plans, for the GI Huddle.


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