I understand underground gambling and underground street racing (though illegal), but when underground fight clubs are formed for the sole purpose of college and high school aged students beating each other senseless, I think the line has been crossed as an intelligent, respectable society.

Similar to the popular movie "Fight Club", these hidden groups of America's children and youth are forming groups and battling in homes, schools and parks. Usually, these kids aren't even using gloves. They are putting on their clothes, balance bracelets and shoes, throwing the backpack over their shoulder then going to school. After school, is when the problems arise. Generally speaking, parents of America allow their children to watch violent movies and play crime-filled video games like "Grand Theft Auto", but did they ever have any thought that maybe their child may act out in this kind of abusive manner?

So why do these kids fight? I can't imagine anybody enjoying getting punched in the mouth. WAOI, a popular news station in San Antonio reported on a related story in 2009 saying that every kid has their own reason for fighting. Some do it because it's an adrenaline rush while others fight because they need to blow some steam off. Whatever the reason, it's very dangerous and it can leave somebody seriously injured, paralyzed or even killed. There have already been numerous stories all over the nation of kids getting seriously injured. My question is; how far is this going to go and still be socially acceptable?

While it isn't as common anymore, the 90's presented its own challenges; backyard wrestling. This slightly humorous sport was spreading like wildfire throughout the nations low and middle class but there was a difference. Backyard wrestling (based on popular television shows like the WWE), wasn't for the intention of truly harming or injuring your opponent. It was about the stunts and fake aggression, similar to what you'd find in spotlight professional wrestling.

Basically, we've gone from popular television series', to (usually harmless) backyard wrestling to full-blown, savage teen fist fighting. Personally, it's not about the countless injuries this unfortunate epidemic is causing; to me, the real problem lies in what has become acceptable with today's youth and society as a whole. If television continues down its progressive road of displaying harsher and harsher material, what is the next "sport" to pop up and become socially acceptable? Our youth are motivated and inevitably influenced by today's media; it's just unfortunate that the UFC has become a modern role model.


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