These really are all simple tips to follow, but it's amazing how often people just don't follow them. If you want to give your team the best chance to finish on top, then apply each and every one of these. You'll be amazed at the difference.

1. Draft based on total point totals, projections, and expectations regardless of position. Don't draft based on who's the best in the real sports world. This doesn't always translate to the fantasy world.

2. Don't draft for a balanced team. You need to pick the categories you will focus on and let the rest work itself out. Balance=mediocre in the fantasy world.

3. Generally, in baseball draft catchers last, in football draft kickers last, in hockey draft defensemen last, and in basketball draft centers last(unless you get one of the top few centers in the first round).

4. When drafting, you typically want to fill all active player openings first before filling bench spots. The exception is if you find an EXTREME value that you've done your research on and feel is a bargain. An example is Jered Weaver this year. Yahoo had him ranked much further down in the ranks than I thought he deserved. Therefore, I drafted him ahead of other needs and after I already had my SP positions filled out. It has paid off so far.

5. Follow the latest news for whatever sport(s) you're playing. This will make a dramatic difference on keeping up to date with who's hot and who's not and so on.

6. Don't keep more DL-ridden guys on your team than you have DL spots for. The exception is if they are a top 10% fantasy player and are expected to come back with a significant portion of the season left.

7. Seek advice before making any trades. Post it to my website, to any public website, anywhere. Get others opinions first.

8. Don't give up on your team. Many times my teams have been in the bottom half of the league midway through the season only to come back and win or place in the top three when it's all said and done.

9. Constantly analyze your free agent pickups that seemingly come out of nowhere. Don't get attached to them. You need to focus on buying them low and selling them high. Yes, there are always free agent snags that will shape your team for the entire year, but more often than not, these players are ranked 458th for a reason.

10. This ties in to #9, but is very important. Watch the waiver wire/free agent pool. When a starter goes down or gets benched because of poor performance, this often times opens the window for a rookie or backup to shine. Don't be afraid to pick them up right away, but of course get your research in first. This often happens with MLB closers, NFL running backs, and NHL goalies. But of course, this can happen in any sport and at any position. Always be ready.


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