Suzo Happ appoints Tim Kennedy as VP of sales for Europe

Supplier Suzo Happ has confirmed Tim Kennedy as its new VP of sales for Europe.

Formerly director of sales for the UK, Kennedy will now work across the whole European continent effective immediately.

Suzo Happ is aiming to utilise Kennedy's experience and customer relationships to grow the firm's reach and share of European gaming, amusement and sports betting markets.

Kennedy has over 30 years' experience in gaming, previously serving as an advisor for gambling consultancy, Regulus Partners, and also running the retail and omnichannel divisions for OpenBet.

Sim Bielak, Suzo Happ global president, said: "Tim has proven himself an invaluable team member and trusted partner to our customers.

"He has delivered solid results in the UK and we look forward to what he will accomplish throughout Europe."

Meanwhile, Kennedy said: "It’s an exciting time to be at Suzo Happ. Our European team is strong with many years of experience, allowing us to add immediate value to our customers’ businesses whether it be a simple fulfillment or a complex customisation.

"I look forward to working with this team and sharing these developments with our European customer base."


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