Premier League clubs ‘are resisting EFL bailout plea for £250m because Championship owners are worth a combined £32BILLION’ with the Coates family at Stoke’s estimated wealth almost £7BN from Bet365

Premier League club bosses are resisting the demand of a £250million bailout for the EFL as Championship owners are worth more than £32billion combined. 

Rick Parry, chairman of the EFL, claims the Championship, League One and League Two sides need an injection of £250m to survive the financial damage cause by coronavirus and has met with Premier League chief Richard Masters to discuss a package. 

But figures compiled by the Sun show the huge riches available to some below the Premier League, with Championship owners topping £32bn in value. 

Premier League clubs resist EFL bailout plea as Championship owners are worth combined £32BILLION’

Premier League chief Richard Masters is in talks over a bailout package for the EFL 


Club Owner Estimated wealth
Barnsley Chien Lee consortium  £7bn
Stoke Coates family £6.9bn
Sheffield Wenesday Dejphon Chansiri £5.2bn
Coventry City Joy Seppala £2.3bn
Blackburn VH Group £1.56bn
Bristol City Stephen Lansdowne £1.87bn
Cardiff Vincent Tan £1.25bn
Preston Trevor Hemmings £1.025bn
Reading Dai Yonnge £1bn
Bournemouth Maxim Denin £900m
QPR Tony Fernandes £580m
Derby Mel Morris £515m
Nottingham Forest Evangelos Maranakis £505m
Birmingham Paul Suen Cho Hung £420m
Huddersfield Phil Hodgkinson £370m
Middlesbrough Steve Gibson £270m
Swansea Jason Levian + Steve Kaplan £220m
Rotherham Tony Stewart £140m
Millwall John Berylson + Richard Smith £136m
Watford Gino Pozzo £93m
Brentford Matthew Benhan £60m
Norwich Delia Smith + Michael Wynne-Jones £23m
Wycombe Rob Couhig £20m
Luton Fan owned

The figure excludes the £7.72bn fortune of steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, who owns a third of QPR. 

The wealthiest on the list of Championship club owners is the consortium in charge of Barnsley worth £7bn followed by the Coates family who are in charge at Stoke are worth £6.9bn.

So the £250m required would only be a fraction of that number, 0.77 per cent to be precise. 

Stoke, Sheffield Wednesday, Coventry, Blackburn, Bristol City, Cardiff, Preston and Reading all have billionaire owners. 

Premier League clubs resist EFL bailout plea as Championship owners are worth combined £32BILLION’

Barnsley and Coventry City are both Championship sides with billionaire owners 

And there is more sympathy from Premier League clubs for teams in League One and League Two who do not have anywhere near that level of backing. 

There is a very real possibility a number of them could go out of business, particularly without the prospect of fans coming back into stadiums. 

The Premier League are understood to want talks with the government to progress further about supporters coming back before pledging a huge sum to the EFL. 

But there is also a recognition that further delays could be fatal to smaller clubs who cannot pay their staff’s wages at the moment.  

Premier League clubs resist EFL bailout plea as Championship owners are worth combined £32BILLION’

EFL chairman Rick Parry is asking for £250million to help club that are at risk of going under

Premier League clubs resist EFL bailout plea as Championship owners are worth combined £32BILLION’

Teams lower down in the pecking order are hurt more playing behind closed doors 

As previously reported by Sportsmail any aid package would have strings attached, with the Premier League demanding EFL support for a liberal post-Brexit work permit policy, alignment with their spending rules and guarantees about implement cost-cutting measures such as a salary cap.

The EFL do not expect the Premier League to provide all the funding they need to get through the season without gate receipts. 

As a result, they will be lobbying the government for the extension of tax holidays and holding talks with private equity firms about a loan to distribute to the clubs. 

Next Tuesday there will be another virtual shareholder meeting where the bailout is discussed further.

An agreement could not be reached in the previous meeting but there is a will from the Premier League to help those who need it most in the lower divisions.  


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