By Matthew Enderby

The US PGA Tour is ready to expand its audience by offering gambling at tournaments, according to Commissioner Jay Monahan.

Speaking to AFP, Monahan said fans can expect to see the PGA’s gambling product in the marketplace next year, with the primary aim to attract new fans to the sport.

While exact details of the product are yet to be released, Monahan said the PGA would develop an international partnership with IMG Arena.

The Commissioner says the PGA has put the right systems in place to ensure match-fixing is prevented and integrity preserved.

Monahan said: “It’s all about engagement. When done right, it gives fans the opportunity to engage with your sport over a longer period of time and have more interest in what’s happening across the entire player field.”

Nascar is another sport that plans to use gambling to boost its audience size.

In an interview with Gambling Insider, Managing Director of Gaming at Nascar Scott Warfield said: “Sports betting, over time, is going to increase Nascar’s audience. The way we’ve thought about it with Genius Sports in particular is we have three to five million people every single Sunday watching our product in the US, and many more globally.

“How do you turn that core fandom into ambassadors of the sports betting product? They are going to evangelise it to a neighbour, friend or relative.”


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