Paf Deputy CEO: How can we say we’re battling problem gambling without actual numbers?

By Tim Poole

Paf’s Daniela Johansson is surprised no regulator or government has asked gaming operators to reveal the data behind their betting revenue.

The online operator's Deputy CEO & Chief Responsibility Officer was speaking to Gambling Insider exclusively for a feature in the January/February magazine.

The feature examines Paf’s approach to safer gambling, with the state-owned company having imposed an annual "loss limit" of €30,000 ($33,000) per customer.

Paf recently announced this loss limit will be reduced to €25,000 in 2020 but other operators are yet to follow suit, nor reveal the exact breakdown of how much revenue they earn from different player segments.

Johansson told Gambling Insider: "We knew most gaming companies would be very afraid to show their numbers, but at least some of them could have stepped up to the challenge.

"I am also surprised no regulator or government has asked the industry for these numbers.

"This will surely change in the coming years when government regulators and media call for more transparency and openness.

"I mean, how can we ever truly say we are battling problem gambling if we don’t show any actual numbers to back it up?"

The full feature will be available in January and will also include opposing views which question Paf’s approach.


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