One week left to respond to Gambling Commission affordability survey

The Gambling Commission is currently accepting submissions on gambling and affordability during the ongoing review of UK gambling.

Anyone can actually make a submission, whether a gambler, executive at a gambling company, or neutral onlooker.

So be sure to provide your responses for a short survey that takes roughly 10 minutes.

A little like voting at elections, if you have any interest in what will happen to online gambling in the UK, it's always worth putting your two cents in as every little makes a difference.

The review of the UK Gambling Act is currently ongoing, with issues such as gambling marketing, sponsorships and advertising, along with stake limits, affordability and more being discussed.

The Gambling Commission is therefore seeking contributions from anyone willing to provide insight about their experience, or their views and opinions on gambling in general.

The deadline for submissions is 9 February, meaning there is exactly one week to go.

You can either fill out the survey leaving contact details, or complete it anonymously, and you can find the survey on the Gambling Commission website.


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