Lucky Goal advertisement banned by ASA

By Owain Flanders

An in-app video advertisement created by Lucky Go Studio has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after being found to be in breach of gambling advertisement rules.

The advertisement, which promoted the Lucky Goal betting app, featured the mobile phone of someone failing to purchase headphones from Amazon due to insufficient funds.

The user then won a number of online games on the Lucky Goal app, including roulette, a quiz and a scratch card.

The advertisement ended with the text “LUCKY GOAL” and “PLAY. WIN. REDEEM,” underneath Amazon and PayPal logos.

An issue was raised against the advertisement as the complainant believed it exaggerated the chances of winning prizes.

The ASA was concerned by the gaming company’s lack of response to the charges against the advertisement and reminded Lucky Go of its responsibility to respond promptly to ASA enquiries.

Ultimately, the ASA decided the advertisement must not appear again in its current form.

In January this year, a Betway advertisement was banned by the ASA for featuring an England footballer who appeared to be under the legal age to appear in gambling advertisements.

Coral received a similar penalty in 2019 for an advertisement deemed “irresponsible and potentially harmful” by the ASA.


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