KPMG Malta exec: Time to demonstrate industry responsibility

By Owain Flanders

Valentina Franch, Assistant Manager at KPMG Malta, believes now is the time for operators to create industry trust by focusing efforts on responsible gambling.

Speaking during an online Betting In Face Of COVID-19 conference, Franch explained some trends KPMG Malta has observed in operators during the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “Most regulated and responsible gambling efforts show that operators have recognised the increased risk of isolation for players and are committed to taking appropriate action to mitigate that risk.

“They are committed to identifying any instances of problem gambling and intervening where necessary.”

Franch believes this level of commitment is now more important than ever with all eyes on the industry’s behaviour.

She continued: “The sector must act with the most responsibility in relation to advertising and monitoring customer spends and any signs of gambling addiction.

“We know there have been many donations from the industry but this is the right time to demonstrate responsibility from the industry and the opportunity to realign that perception that often comes when one thinks about the gaming industry.”

In addition to refocusing responsible gambling efforts, Franch advises operators to “realign their businesses,” concluding that now more than ever operators must be “agile and adaptable.”


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