Kindred blames “unnecessary ambiguity” for SEK 100m fine

By Owain Flanders

Kindred Group has received a Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) fine of SEK 100m ($10m) for offering incentives in a way that was deemed non-compliant with the Swedish Gambling Act.

The SGA awarded the fine to Spooniker Ltd, a subsidiary of Kindred, after a review of the gaming company’s website in March 2019 found that it offered “several different unauthorised bonuses.”

During additional checks later that same year, the SGA found other bonus offers in violation of the Gaming Act, with the gambling website also offering games not covered by the company’s license.

In light of these findings, the SGA issued the company with a warning and penalty fee.

According to the SGA, the high penalty fee is in accordance with the number of violations in addition to Spooniker Ltd’s high turnover.

In an announcement on its website, Kindred said it will appeal the decision which it attributes to a differing interpretation of “what is considered a bonus.”

The operator’s statement concluded: “Kindred is of the opinion that the Swedish Gambling Act adopted on 1 January 2019 has been vague in areas related to commercial activities and thereby creating unnecessary ambiguity.

“Kindred welcomes more clarity in these areas and continues to improve its operations to ensure full compliance.”


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