Is there an opportunity for innovation if £2 slot stakes are introduced?

By Tim Poole

Consultant and online gaming industry veteran Alex Czajkowski believes companies can create a new niche if a £2 ($2.58) online slot stake limit is introduced in the UK.

The Gambling Related Harm All-Party Parliamentary Group recently recommended the same £2 limit for online slots which now exists for fixed-odds betting terminals.

Czajkowski believes this restriction would kill the online casino industry as we know it, although he does see some opportunity for innovation.

A new product focusing on low stakes and high rewards could provide a solution moving forward – one not only beneficial for the UK market.

He told Gambling Insider: "It occurs to me a new niche, or even a new online gaming vertical, may appear in the UK market: a fun, engaging, compelling game with low stakes yet a potentially high reward.

"As well as opening the market to those interested in lottery winnings but not previously excited about playing a slots game, it occurs to me such games might well have application beyond the UK; especially in such low-staking regions as Africa, Indonesia and Brazil.

"They are all interesting emerging markets but notorious for lower-staking players, not surprising given their economies and income distribution, and possibly prime for a hybrid lottery/casino game."

Czajkowski’s full thoughts on the topic can be read in the January/February edition of Gambling Insider magazine, available early next year and to be distributed at ICE London.


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