Indiana sports betting sees double in July

Indiana sports betting made a dramatic comeback in July, with $70.9 million in total betting handle, or a 138% increase over June’s wagers of $29.8 million, according to the Indiana Gaming Commission.

The surge in betting activity can be attributed to the return of Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association, which restarted on 24 and 30 July respectively.

While the State’s sports betting number is still down dramatically from February’s pre-coronavirus total of $187.2 million, February also had the Super Bowl, one of the largest sports betting events in the US, and current figures exclude the National Hockey League, which only restarted on 1 August.

"July’s staggering increase in handle tells us that betting activity in Indiana is on the path to returning to pre-pandemic levels,” said Group VP of US business, Max Bichsel.

“July saw the highest handle since March and that can be attributed to the return of baseball and basketball at the end of the month. Having major league baseball and basketball return even only a few days in the July reporting period made a significant impact on betting activity in Indiana for the month.”

The few days of baseball activity in July proved to be the biggest driver of revenue in the State with $14.5 million, while basketball saw under $6 million in wagers.


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