India imposes advertising regulations towards responsible gaming

The advertising regulator of India, the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), has recently published a list of guidelines aiming at responsible advertising when it comes to the promotion of real-money gaming.

The reason for the guidelines is due to the council considering this segment of advertising to be high-risk for the public, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak when gaming advertising surged significantly.

One of the restrictions is the ban of depicting anyone under the age of 18 and that gaming shouldn't be presented as an income opportunity or an option for employment. All adverts should include a disclaimer stating ‘Please Play Responsibly’. In general, consumers should be warned that real-money gaming bears financial risks and could lead to addictions.

In India, each of its 28 autonomous states has the prerogative to govern the gaming industry on its territory but the ASCI sets the standards for ethical advertising countrywide. Members of the council represent the advertising business and civil society, and ads that don't meet council guidelines can't be aired on TV in India.

As a result, ASCI aims to guarantee that advertising activity will be conducted in a manner respecting the responsible gaming standards.


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