GVC appoints Sandeep Tiku as COO

GVC Holdings has appointed its chief technology officer Sandeep Tiku as Shay Segev’s new COO.

Segev, the operator’s previous COO, last week succeeded Kenny Alexander as CEO, following the Scot’s retirement from the board and company after 13 years with GVC.

And, continuing its focus on digitalisation and technology, Tiku has been appointed in Segev’s former role.

He joined GVC as IT director in 2014 and became CTO in 2016; a search is underway for his replacement in that role.

Segev said: “I am delighted to be promoting GVC talent. Sandeep brings unparalleled experience and insight to the role of COO.

“We are first and foremost a technology business and this is at the heart of what we do – supporting customer services, trading, product and our people. It therefore makes sense for him to take on this broader role.

“His leadership of our technology strategy and teams, combined with his knowledge of our legacy stack and proven results through our integrations, means that he is the right person for the job.”

GVC has also promoted Marc Lange to the position of chief of staff to the CEO, while Andy Hicks, GVC’s managing director of retail, has been promoted to the GVC senior leadership team and will also report directly to the CEO.


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