GI Huddle Sweden series: Part 2 - Erik Bergman on affiliates, philanthropy and more

Erik Bergman has a strong opinion on the Swedish affiliate market and, joining us on the GI Huddle, he isn't shy about expressing it.

Appearing for part 2 of our Sweden series, Catena Media co-founder Bergman talks us through his career (including his Catena venture) and the state of affairs for affiliates in Sweden right now.

Bergman's current venture, though, is somewhat different, as casino affiliate donates 100% of its profits to charity – specifically projects to do with climate change.

This brings us onto the topic of philanthropy within gambling during a wide-ranging interview, in which Bergman expresses his views on a number of issues.

During part 1 of our Sweden series, Gustaf Hoffstedt spoke to us about channelisation and the regulated market, which you can watch here.

For part 2, however, we have switched the focus up with Bergman; to watch in full, click on the video below:


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