GI Huddle problem gambling series: Part 4 - Organisational culture and compliance

Concluding the GI Huddle's debut series on problem gambling, we're joined by Perrin Carey, formerly of Stride Gaming, who specialises in governance, risk and compliance.

On the show, Carey raises a number of thought-provoking issues, asking whether compliance in fact exists, or whether corporate governance in its current form creates more problems than solutions within the gaming sector.

Click below to watch the full video as Carey introduces some ideas that could be considered revolutionary, and applies them to responsible and problem gambling from an organisational perspective.

We hope you have enjoyed watching our problem gambling series as much as we have enjoyed producing it; with thanks to our guests who all provided honest and meanginful insights in exploring one of the most challenging topics of our sector.

As well as part 4, you can find a recap of the rest of our problem gambling series here:

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Part 2 - The psychological aspect with Jason Shiers

Part 3 - Women problem gambling with Matthew Hickey


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