GI Huddle problem gambling series: Part 3 - women problem gamblers

In part 3 of our problem gambling series, the GI Huddle is joined by Matthew Hickey, interim CEO of the Gordon Moody Association.

This year, the Association plans to open its first ever gambling clinic just for women.

Why? Problem gambling among women is considerably on the rise, with the Association's trustees also saying the stigma and shame of gambling is higher among females.

As such, Hickey talks the GI Huddle through the evidence that has become available in recent times, discussing the issue in depth, and gives his views on industry support and collaboration.

If you haven't already, be sure to watch part 1 on responsible gambling in North America, with Keith Whyte.

For part 2, we were joined by transformative coach and therapist Jason Shiers, while part 4 will feature Perrin Carey next week.

Click below to watch the full interview with Gordon Moody Association CEO Hickey, as he delves into the issue of women problem gambling:


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