GI Huddle problem gambling series: Part 2 – the psychological aspect with Jason Shiers

The GI Huddle's exclusive problem gambling series continues on Gambling Insider, where we aim to delve into the heart of an issue that impacts our industry heavily.

Part 1 saw Keith Whyte, executive director for the National Council on Problem Gambling, join us to discuss responsible gambling in North America.

In part 2, we speak to transformative coach and therapist Jason Shiers, who has significant experience dealing with and researching addictive behaviour.

Shiers delves into the psychological aspect of problem gambling – and addiction more broadly – and gives an honest, objective interview.

Click on the video below for Shiers' in-depth thoughts on the topic, while part 3 will be on your screens on Monday 18 January.

In that interview, we speak with Gordon Moody Association CEO Matthew Hickey, about the launch of its first-ever female-only problem gambling clinic.


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