GI Huddle exclusive: Affiliate focus with Catena Media CEO Michael Daly

Catena Media CEO Michael Daly is the latest high-profile executive to appear on the GI Huddle, as he introduces himself to the affiliate market via this exclusive video interview.

Many will already be familiar with Daly's prior work heading Catena's North American operations, of course, but since being promoted to the affiliate's overall CEO role, he tells Gambling Insider there is plenty the company is prioritising outside the US in terms of strategy.

In the below interview, Daly outlines his views upon taking the role and what his projections, and ambitions, are in the hot seat.

As Catena targets growth in a (hopefully) post-Covid-19 world, there is work to be done in key markets in Europe, as well as capitalising on the rapid growth stateside and in Canada.

Daly discusses the above and more in an in-depth interview with the GI Huddle, which premieres at 16:00 GMT.

Click below to watch the video in full when live: 


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