Genius Sports Media exec: Cultivating loyalty vital for Euros success

By Owain Flanders

Josh Jolliffe, Sales Director – Europe and Africa at Genius Sports Media, believes operators should focus on creating loyalty among customers to combat churn during this summer’s Uefa European Football Championship (Euros).

Jolliffe told Gambling Insider there would be a high likelihood of churn during the football tornament if "the right retention strategy isn't in place."

He said: “Cultivating loyalty for as long as possible will be one of the main challenges to overcome, made harder by the fact most punters have multiple accounts and are subject to new sign-up offers on a daily basis.”

Jolliffe explained how creating engaging marketing campaigns could help operators maintain the interest of players throughout the Euros.

By combining knowledge of their player base with in-play data and tournament statistics, Jolliffe believes operators can ensure sportsbooks stay “relevant and appealing,” allowing them to make the most of the highly anticipated sporting event.

He said: “We think the answer is in creating campaigns that stay relevant for the entire tournament, which means customising your creative execution for each market and being as engaging as possible to your local, target audience.

“Most marketing teams will plan their pre-tournament campaigns well ahead of time but we’ve learned over the years how important it is to adapt your marketing strategies based on match results and in-play events.”

Jolliffe was speaking to Gambling Insider for our Sports Betting Focus magazine. Click here to read the full Euros 2020 preview feature when available.


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