exec: Lack of crowds having no effect on football betting

Trafficology and AffiliateCon Virtually Live both addressed the lack of major sports in-depth during the COVID-19 pandemic, as affiliates and operators looked to fill the void left by the absence of football, horse racing and other key revenue sources.

Now that the Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, UK horse racing and more have returned, however, sports betting companies find themselves emerging again.

For Tal Ben Yehuda, head of sports at, this means the welcome return of higher betting volumes, along with a serious boost in offers and odds promotions from the operator side.

Since the return of major football, though, matches have been played in empty stadiums to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Asked if a lack of crowds is putting UK sports bettors off, Yehuda told Trafficology: “The contrary would be true.

“From 15 March when everything stopped until pretty much the Bundesliga returning, what we did see is that people still bet on sports, wherever it was played – mostly in Belarus. But we saw a nice spike as the German Bundesliga restarted 16 May.

“A month later, when the Premier League returned, it was another huge spike, along with La Liga and Serie A. We always knew football was a big deal for the UK bettors, but we could clearly see a flat line and you could add on sports and see their direct effect.”

For the full interview with the exec, see the July edition of Trafficology.


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