Football Index customers can now withdraw cash balance from accounts

From 13 July 2021, customers are now able to withdraw the cash balance from their Football Index accounts.

Football Index, the betting and gambling platform, has announced customers can now login to their account and withdraw funds.

The organisation that operated similarly to a stock market, allowing members of the public to purchase shares in footballers, has stated customers can now select their desired withdrawal into their nominated bank account. Any money requested will arrive within two and 10 working days.

The investment platform’s suspension of business in March 2021 resulted in customers losing thousands of pounds, following administration and then (only after this) a suspension of its licence by the Gambling Commission; the suspension of its Betting and Gaming Council membership followed.

Football Index was reported to have more than half a million registered users, with only around 30 thousand thought to be regular traders. It was suggested the average loss was three thousand pounds or more, each. The crash came as a huge detriment to gamers and families alike, causing financial grief to many homes. 

There's no guessing that this news comes as a great relief. Customers can now select to withdraw their funds from the gambling site, although it is unclear how much of the money owed will be available to players, with huge losses still likely to remain.

If any additional information is required, Football Index will contact customers directly.


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