Exposure to gambling adverts could impact children's attitudes, according to GambleAware

By Iqbal Johal

Exposure to gambling adverts could impact the attitudes of children, young people or vulnerable adults, being likely to lead them to gamble in the future, according to a report.

The GambleAware report, with research conducted by Ipsos Mori and the University of Stirling, suggests attitudes and gambling behaviours of peers and parents are critical in shaping gaming activity among those aged 11-24.

According to the research, in terms of exposure, 96% of the 11-24-year-old participants had been exposed to gambling marketing in the last month, with 85% saying they had seen gambling adverts on television in the same time frame.

Marketing through social media has also increased the way children, young people and vulnerable adults engage with gambling brands.

Recommendations in the report include the need for clearer safer gambling messages, improvement in education, a reduction in gambling adverts appealing to children and improving advertising technology.

GambleAware CEO Marc Etches said: "Gambling is an adult activity but this new research conclusively shows it has become part of everyday life for children and young people.

"This report is an apt reminder for us to ensure the next generation is made aware of the risks of gambling and the help and support that is available via the National Gambling Treatment Service."


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