Enteractive Head of Business Development: Retention requires optimisation

By Owain Flanders

Andrew Foster, Head of Business Development at Enteractive, believes operators still focus too heavily on acquisition figures and not enough on retention.

Speaking exclusively with Gambling Insider, Foster explained that, although he thought the industry was improving, there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of reactivation.

He said: "I definitely think retention receives more attention now than it did at the beginning but there is still a leaning towards acquisition channels.

"It’s definitely getting better but there’s still a lot that could be optimised in regards to retention."

When asked for the thinking behind Enteractive’s retention-focused approach, Foster explained there are a number of reasons to divert from traditional acquisition-first strategies.

He said: "Reactivation becomes more and more important as activation becomes more competitive and expensive.

"You also don’t always know the sort of traffic you’re going to get with acquisition. In comparison, when you reactivate a player, you already know their existing value or the value they’ve created for you as a business.

"Naturally, this all adds a lot of value to you as an organisation."

Foster was speaking to Gambling Insider for its Jan/Feb magazine. Click here for our full list of publications and to read the full interview when available.


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