DSWV: Further “regulatory amendments necessary” to stop black market play in Germany

A German sports betting association is “not fully convinced” that the proposed online gambling regulations will prevent black market play in the country.

Earlier this year, the 16 German states agreed a new gambling treaty that will regulate the online gambling market in Germany, lifting the prohibition on online casino, while also allowing online slots and poker games.

It will also allow for the registration of an unlimited number of sports betting providers and is expected to come into force from July 2021.

However, strict measures will be in place including a €1 ($1.18) stake limit on virtual slot machines, a limited in-play sports betting market, and internet advertisement prohibitions between 6am and 9pm.

But DSWV managing director Luka Andric, told Gambling Insider some elements of the new regulations will need amending by next July.

He said: “It is correct that the German regulation will be restrictive.

“Considering Germany’s population size and its economic standing it will always be an important market and it is positive that this market is finally regulated.

“Whether the market can thrive will depend to a large extent on whether the authorities will be able to effectively block non licence holders from offering their products to German customers.

“We are not fully convinced that this will work well and some regulatory amendments may be necessary fairly quickly in order to channel consumers towards licensed operators.”

In terms of sports betting, the Darmstadt Administrative court halted the process of awarding licences in April, adding to the delay and frustration.

Andric added: “Of course, it is a matter of frustration for our members who spent considerable amounts of time and effort in preparing licence applications.”


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