Crystal Palace owner Steve Parish insists European Super League reveal may be GOOD for football

Crystal Palace owner Steve Parish insists European Super League reveal may end up being a GOOD thing… because it’s united Government, fans, players and pundits against an ‘extraordinary miscalculation of public mood’ by Premier League’s Big Six

Steve Parish has insisted the stunning plans for a European Super League are an ‘extraordinary miscalculation of public mood,’ but the reveal on Sunday could end up having a positive effect on football.

English football’s ‘Big Six’ – Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham – have announced their plans to join the breakaway competition for 15 of the biggest European teams.

The Crystal Palace part-owner spoke out against the project, describing it as ‘beyond the pale’ for clubs to crown themselves the gilded elite and make it a closed shop.

Crystal Palace owner Steve Parish insists European Super League reveal may be GOOD for football

Fans have responded furiously to the sensational plans for the new European Super League

He said on Sky Sports: ‘We all know it’s been brewing for a long time, the leaking of Big Picture, the constant things we deal with in the Premier League. We might look back on this and think it’s quite a good day for football. 

‘We’ve seen people massively overplay their hand. They were getting their way on so many things. They were looking to get this through, even next year in the Champions League, 30 per cent of the money will be awarded to teams based on their history. 

‘They’ve been chipping away in the background and it’s difficult to get people to pay attention. So it feels like yesterday was a bit of a gift. To unite Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan, Macron, every fan in the country, on a Sunday afternoon is quite a talent. We might get into a very good place after all this.

‘I can’t imagine they’ll get five teams who want to join them. Of course you can’t say never. The Premier League is the jewel in the crown and I don’t think the Government are going to allow it to get away. Apparently they’ve spent six months thinking about this. It strikes me as extraordinary, the miscalculation of public mood.’

Crystal Palace owner Steve Parish insists European Super League reveal may be GOOD for football

Banners were hung at stadiums of the ‘Big Six’ of English football involved in the proposals

Parish, one of four Eagles-supporting co-owners of the club, also discussed what responsibility clubs have to act altruistically and help out teams further down the pyramid of English football.

He continued: ‘We have helped the Football League. We give so much money down into the lower leagues. I vote as though I’m one of the 72 because I know I could be back there at any time. I encourage everyone to do that and take their responsibility seriously. We represent the rest of the football pyramid, we represent the fans.

‘Everything we do is open to public scrutiny. This is about the fans, I’m a fan, this is the club I’ve supported since I’m four years old. Naively, I think one day we might play in Europe. What’s the point if that is taken away? 

‘Every single club, you’ve got to make sure they don’t go out of business. These big clubs have lost a lot of money. We need to connect the dots and bring us all back together. Of course we need to support the Football League. But this is beyond the pale what is going on. To leapfrog clubs in history, and say we’re the gilded elite.’

Crystal Palace owner Steve Parish insists European Super League reveal may be GOOD for football

And Crystal Palace part-owner Steve Parish (pictured) spoke out on Sky against plans for the breakaway competition but said it could end up being a good thing for English football

The 55-year-old then went on to talk about the meeting of the 14 Premier League clubs not involved with the breakaway competition, and had his say on potentially expelling the ‘Big Six’ from the Premier League.

He concluded: ‘Of course we want them back to the table, these are massive brands. Some of them forever, most of them over recent periods. We need them in our league. The outpouring against this has given us some strength. You have to take the whole of football’s views into account.

‘We understand people want to do the best for their business, we have to be open to new ideas. There might be things we can help these guys with. But certainly Nasser [El-Khelaifi, Paris Saint-Germain president] and Bayern have to be applauded for the position they’ve taken. All power to those who didn’t do it.

‘We would need to talk about that and I would need to take advice from the Premier League. I didn’t swallow the rulebook of the Premier League. But if they’ve got the power to run off, then I assume we have the power to start our own one without them. But they don’t actually want to walk away from our league.’ 


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