CONFAD approves plan to counter sports betting fraud in Spain

Spain’s National Commission to Combat the Manipulation of Sports Competitions and Betting Fraud (CONFAD) has approved a new 2020/2021 plan to counter match-fixing in relation to Spanish sports betting.

The plan consists of 21 measures structured into four areas of actions, including analysis and diagnosis, disclosure and awareness, control and monitoring, and study of current regulations and operations.

As part of the analysis and diagnosis element, CONFAD aims to improve knowledge surrounding the manipulation of sports competitions, while the dissemination and awareness area will focus on making those within the sport industry aware of legal frameworks.

Within control and monitoring, CONFAD will aim to improve the monitoring of activities that currently exist and promote the channels of information transmission. The final area will see the legal framework adjusted as often as necessary to account for constant changes and technological innovations.

“The increasing relevance and constant evolution of the manipulation of sports competitions and betting fraud demonstrate the need to have an effective approach in the fight against this practice,” commented Mikel Arana, director general of game regulation for the Ministry of Consumption.  


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