Colossus Bets becomes title sponsor of Greyhound Grand National

Colossus Bets has become the title sponsor of the 2020 Greyhound Grand National after agreeing a five-figure sponsorship deal.

The Grand National had been under threat with race venue Central Park admitting it was in danger of not being staged after a potential sponsor pulled out, due to a lack of fans being allowed to attend the competition.

But the betting pools operator has now stepped in as the event’s new sponsors to ensure the race will take place.

Colossus Bets CEO Bernard Marantelli, said: “I love greyhound racing - my family have been taking bets on it for 50 years - and I want to see it thrive.

“We’ve got a number of plans and hopes for the sport and this is the latest one. Hurdles racing can be fun and a real spectacle.”

Heats of the newly named Colossus Bets 2020 Grand National will take place over 480m hurdles on 25 October, with the final scheduled for 8 November, which will see the race winner take home £7,500 ($9,737).

Central Park promoter Roger Cearns added: “It’s been an unprecedented year and the pressures on track owners are immense. We had actively sought a backer for the Grand National and we’re delighted Colossus Bets are back here after a successful Kent Silver Salver sponsorship.”


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