BOS gives support to Sweden’s dismissal of proposed horse racing levy

Branscheförenigen för Onlinespel (BOS) has given its support to the decision by a government enquiry to dismiss the proposed mandatory horse racing levy fee in Sweden.

The Swedish trade association for online gambling’s backing comes after the head of the Swedish Gambling Market Enquiry Anna-Lena Sörenson, announced in business newspaper Dagens Inudstri, that such fees won’t be applied in the country.

That follows calls by former racing monopoly, the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board (ATG), for operators to pay a uniform betting levy, which it says would help provide financial support to the industry, claiming ATG contributes more than other operators.

However, Sörenson dismissed those claims, pointing to the fact ATG still has a market share of 98% in horse racing and has increased its profits since the Swedish market was re-regulated in 2019.

BOS secretary general Gustaf Hoffstedt welcomed the news, which won’t see Sweden follow in the footsteps of the likes of France, Denmark and the UK in enforcing the levy fees.

Hoffstedt, who holds a seat in the Gambling Market Enquiry’s expert group, said: “I welcome this sensible conclusion from the Enquiry.

“On a principal level it regards whether one can own data that is open for everyone, it may be the outcome of a horse race, a presidential election or tomorrow’s weather.

“The answer to that question must be that there cannot be any ownership to such open and accessible information. The conclusion from the Gambling Market Enquiry to dismiss the idea of an ownership to such data goes in line with the BOS advocacy.”


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