Betgenius exec: Crowdless sport creates challenging pricing conditions

The lack of crowds at sporting events due to COVID-19 restrictions has made life difficult for traders looking to price up accurate odds, according to James McKiernan, head of commercial – EMEA at Betgenius.

The executive spoke with Gambling Insider for a feature in its upcoming Sports Betting Focus magazine.

He explained how the ‘new normal’ had created tough-to-predict sporting events across the world due to the lack of a home advantage. McKiernan said: “Looking solely at football, more away sides have won wince May’s restart than we’re accustomed to seeing in normal circumstances.

“After the Bundesliga returned for example, travelling teams claimed all three points in 12 of the first 22 matches. In contrast, away win percentage in the 2018/19 Bundesliga season stood at 31%.

"It’s a challenge from a pricing perspective, especially as the value of home advantage differs between leagues and teams.

“Our trading team is constantly updating our models for each sport and league, and this is another variable that must be taken into account.”

Although the lack of crowds might make life more difficult for traders, McKiernan is adamant that this has not resulted in a loss in turnover for operators.

In fact, the increased number of sporting events shown on TV (particularly in regards to the English Football Leagues) has seen increased in-play engagement, according to the executive.

McKiernan was speaking with Gambling Insider for a feature in its upcoming Sports Betting Focus magazine, which can be found here when available.


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