War of Bets is one of the most successful products from the BetGames.TV portfolio, incorporating a graceful symmetry of simplicity, style and synchronicity.

The increasingly popular game is further evidence of the growing consumer need for easy-to-play fixed outcome-based games. The game is very simple to understand and the player does not need to study the rules for longer than a few seconds. War of Bets is a fast-paced card game, made up of only two sides – the Dealer and the Player.

The main goal of the game is very straightforward - side with the higher card becomes the winner. If the value of the two cards on the table is the same, then the game ends in a war - the third main outcome in War of Bets. Besides that, you can also place your bets on a variety of side betting options - players will always find the right one to keep the game entertaining.

With 25 different outcomes each 60 seconds, this game is quick, efficient and hyper-fun. BetGames.TV has a wonderful range of diverse, well-paced games, but we are sure War of Bets will become one of your favorites in no time. The game has shown substantial consumer growth since its inception and is now among the most well-performing games in the entire award-winning portfolio. Quick, dynamic, fluid and innovative. These four words sum up the game, and essentially the entire BetGames.TV live broadcast betting model.

If War of Bets could speak it would simply say, ‘WOW’.


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