By Nathan Joyes

Betconnect Co-founder Daniel Schreiber has told Gambling Insider he believes betting exchanges are only going to grow in popularity, due to the fact younger players understand technology faster in 2019.

He said: "The younger audience are more likely to understand exchanges better than older punters who grew up with retail shops, with hand-written slips as their only outlet for betting.

"In the digital age, 18 to 25-year-olds can quickly grasp how exchanges work. The actual process of an exchange is only slightly more complex than betting with traditional sportsbooks but an exchange offers players the chance to become the bookmaker."

Betfair recently launched an advert using actor Clive Owen, to explain the concept of exchange betting in simple terms and everyday scenarios.

Schreiber understands why Betfair chose to take this particular route but believes it has been dumbed down more than necessary.

He says: "It’s always beneficial for exchanges to provide as much clarity as possible in terms of how they operate, though the new Betfair campaign probably goes into too much detail.

"It’s always good to remind any new exchange client they can oppose the bet someone else is offering."

Schreiber spoke exclusively to Gambling Insider for a feature in the upcoming November/December magazine. Click here to read the online version when published.


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