Bet365 owners make top 20 in Sunday Times Rich List 2021

Denise, John and Peter Coates’ net worth has given the family the number 17 spot in the Sunday Times Rich List 2021.

Just last month it was revealed that the founder and majority shareholder of Bet365, Denise Coates, earned a salary of £421m ($598m) for the year ending March 29.

She also earned dividends of £48m which took her total sum to £469m; the amount earned was thought to be the biggest pay cheque in British corporate history.

Her salary was 50% higher than the £277m taken in 2019; in 2020 she earned nearly £1.2m every day, according to the High Pay Centre this was more than every boss of a FTSE 100 company.

Denise Coates founded Bet365 20 years ago and has been the UK’s highest paid boss for a number of years.

Now Denise, her brother John Coates and father Peter Coates have been labelled the 17th richest owners in the UK.

Being 17th on the list was actually a drop of one place from last year.

Recently, Bet365 rebranded its affiliate programme, formerly known as bet365 Affiliates; it will now be named bet365 Partners.

The operator said the new programme will have a fresh design and improved features, designed to enhance the relationship between Bet365 and its partners.


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