AGA partners NHL to promote responsible gambling

The National Hockey League (NHL) has partnered with the American Gaming Association (AGA) for a public service campaign called 'Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly' that promotes responsible gaming. The campaign focuses on core principles of responsible sports betting, such as setting a betting budget, keeping the gaming activities social and playing with trusted providers. NHL is the second league to join the campaign, after NASCAR. 

According to the statement, the NHL aims to encourage responsible sports betting through a variety of means, including co-branded videoboard images, public address announcements, and animations of hockey-specific marketing materials. The league will also provide unique assets to each club. 

NHL chief business officer Keith Wachtel was positive about the initiative and said: “The fan experience remains one of our highest priorities as more hockey fans than ever have the opportunity to legally and responsibly bet in their home states. Ensuring that our passionate fans know how to participate in this exciting new opportunity is important, and we’re thrilled to be working with the AGA to share the responsibility in this worthy education.” 

AGA president and CEO Bill Miller said that during COVID-19, leagues are more open to explore sports betting as a way to engage the fans. He said: “Educating patrons about how to engage in this activity responsibly is critical to the success of the sports betting opportunity as it continues to expand throughout the country.” 



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