AGA CEO Bill Miller testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee

American Gaming Association President and CEO Bill Miller testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee as part of a hearing on protecting integrity in college athletics.

Miller argued that the legal, regulated sports betting market protects college and professional athletes from engaging in illicit gambling.

“The protection of the integrity of competition is central to the interests of the entire sports betting ecosystem,” Miller said. “The federal prohibition on sports betting was a failed endeavor that we shouldn’t replicate.

"Instead, we should work together to further eliminate the pervasive illegal market, and support experienced regulators whose oversight protects the interests and integrity of all involved.”

Miller advocated for state over federal regulations, noting that 22 states plus the District of Columbia have authorized sports betting.

“The AGA strongly opposes any additional federal regulatory framework that supersedes state and tribal sports betting policy,” Miller said. “Instead, the primary role of the federal government should remain enforcement against the illegal marketplace, which represents the most meaningful solution to help ensure the integrity of sports.”

Miller also urged congress to repeal the federal excise tax of 0.25% on sports wagers.


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