By Tim Poole

With so much emphasis now placed on responsible gaming – and so much negative coverage surrounding the companies falling short in this crucial area – Gambling Insider caught up with 888 Holdings' Andrew Anthony to discuss whether the industry is doing enough in the space.

Formerly 888’s Responsible Gaming Director, Anthony this year oversaw a merger between the operator’s safer gaming and customer due diligence departments.

Anthony’s role subsequently changed to Director (and then Vice President) of Customer Safety and Due Diligence, a title which offers the long-time 888 executive a more streamlined approach for helping problem gamblers.

What’s needed, he says, is a holistic outlook. He tells Gambling Insider: "You can’t just look at one action.

"You can’t just look at the amount a customer has deposited and make a decision on how to interact with that customer; you need a number of factors.

"It’s not just about technology or data. Without the person behind it to really assess the customer’s wellbeing, you really cannot distinguish whether a player is at risk of harm.

"It’s not a case of ‘are you okay, yes or no?’ We start advising the customer about how they can have a healthier relationship with their gambling. At 888, we have no interest whatsoever in making money off problematic gamblers."

Anthony was speaking exclusively for the November/December edition of Gambling Insider magazine, in which you can read the full interview with the 888 director.

Click here for the US CEO Special of the magazine, which will also be distributed at G2E Las Vegas.


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